Craft become modern.

The New Antique is a project addressing the impact of digital technique, craft, and waste materials for designers in this generation. Jialing Lee developed her methodology of making ‘lucky charms’, influenced by ancient superstitions and local beliefs. She demonstrates a new view point of how humans make and connect with objects within the era of sustainable design, and through her work communicates the idea of innovation as not using new technologies alone, but combining these technologies with cultural heritage and nature.

‘A lump of meteorite worn against gunfire is an amulet, a bullet-proof vest is not.

During her time studying for an MA at the RCA, Jialing has become fascinated with the emotional role that fabric plays in our lives, and how it often exists in the interior and exterior as an ‘object’. A piece of fabric could be a blanket, a cloak, or a divider. These are essential objects that people associate with protection, a shelter, or a place to rest. Jialing made a ‘double cloak’ which allowed two or three people at a time to wear it, as well as an ‘endless scarf’ which was 4 meters long.By making such ‘unusual objects’, to represent the feeling of attachment with people that we are close to, we want to keep them happy and safe. This is the idea behind giving someone a lucky charm, and for Jialing, this is also why we make things and why it matters.

The New Antique 新古董系列,是我在2019年於英國皇家藝術學院,就讀織品碩士時的其中一組畢業作品,當時做了一系列的手扇。