Jialing Lee

Textiles artist, design researcher. 

織品藝術家, 設計研究者

關於 Jialing Lee 李佳玲


由於對於土地與手工藝的熱愛,佳玲於2021年成立「小佳碧玉Pieces of Jade」,以探索台灣的古老紡織工藝為主軸,與各城市的職人工坊、台灣品牌、裁縫師傅們合作,期望從賦有人文底蘊的娟印、刺繡、訂製西服...等,期望從穿著與日常的紡織物件,連結藝術與生活。

Jialing looks at material as manifestations of our relationship with the environment and explored the connection between raw materials and the everyday products that surround us. As a multidisciplinary designer who has a textiles and industrial design background, Jialing’s works are greatly inspired by local crafts, small-scale fabricators and stories behind their processes. Through her practice, she looks to innovate, not only using new technology, but also combining with cultural heritage and nature.

About Pieces of Jade

"Pieces of Jade" is an experimental lifestyle brand from Taiwan, with a core concept of "treasure hunting" and a mission to revive disappearing Taiwanese heritage through collaborations with local artisans. The brand experiments with traditional Taiwanese materials and techniques to create timeless pieces with simple, sophisticated, and detail-oriented aesthetics. Through its social design projects, the brand explores different social issues and creates tangible aesthetic experiences woven into everyday life.