“Where are colours from?”


Before the petrochemical industry, all colours came from natural sources.

Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, invertebrates, or minerals.

Since environmental pollution has been one of the greatest problems we are facing today, designers are eagerly seeking for more sustainable manufacturing methods to replace chemical dyes. Natural dyes fulfill nearly all of these requirements, with benefits to spare, and have only just begun to be embraced by mainstream manufacturers. 


In this project, Jialing evaluate different stages of dyeing process through indigo dye and madder dye, which required various dyeing methods. Based on Japanese technique –“Kokechi-Itajime”.

Jialing re-design the dyeing process by turning it into a only “three steps” procedure, as well as involving the basic colour theory to show how colours combined: BLUE and RED make PURPLE.

It can not only simplify complex processes, but also keep the traditional quality and value.