Anthropogenic, DDW 2018

Jade as a gem, is featured prominently as priceless material in ancient Asian art. There are numerous traditional ways to define its quality, mainly by colour and form. Usually, when the colour of jade is crystal clear, it’s perfect material to be made into the fine bracelet. In this project, we selected 35 pieces of ‘unwanted jade’ from the jade factory in Taiwan. The pieces of jade have been cutting off ‘the best part’, and the rest became the scrap in producing the process of the jade bracelet. We see the potential ‘value of the scrap’, therefore, we worked with the machinery and manufacturing processes used, to re-think the way of making, and re-shape the relationship between nature and manufacturing waste. Based on the material experimentation, it has possibilities for design with typology, functionalities, and the future solutions for raw materials. Using the scrap to create objects include toys, home decoration, and accessories.