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There was an exhibition that I really liked, called "Subtle," curated by Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara for the Japanese paper company "Kabushikigaisha Takeo." My favourite piece in the exhibition was a series of works that involved exposing paper to sunlight for varying amounts of time, resulting in different shades of colour. It was like adding warm, sunny tones to clean, white skin, leaving behind a sense of vitality.

When I began studying natural dyeing a few years ago, I had to learn the relationship between each fibre and dye pigment, and I also came to understand that "white fabric is actually the colour it becomes after dyeing." I started paying attention to the original colours of different fabric materials, and I discovered more of the natural colours of cotton, wool, and hemp. Most of the time, the original colour of the fabric also allowed me to see the texture of the plant fibres, which, to me, is like a person filled with real personality.

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