My Lucky Charm Collection

不知道從什麼時候開始,人們從土地、自然、動物中尋找他們象徵的意義,如代表綿長生命的桃子、情人的紅線、掛在牆上的一束稻草代表著新年的好運。Lucky Charm中文的意思是護身符或幸運物,它也代表著一種親密的關係,把一個你喜歡的東西送你最親近或是心愛的人,當然也可以是你自己。

For some reasons, people are always seeking symbolic meaning in nature, animals, objects around them. In Asia, the peach symbolising longevity, the red thread representing lovers, and a bundle of straw hung on the wall representing good luck for the new year. The Chinese phrase for "lucky charm" means amulet or talisman. For this collection, I would like to represent an intimate relationship, where you give someone you care about, or even yourself, something you love as a token of good luck.

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