The Lucky Charm Collection

For some reasons, people are always seeking symbolic meaning in nature, animals, objects around them. In Asia, the peach symbolising longevity, the red thread representing lovers, and a bundle of straw hung on the wall representing good luck for the new year. The Chinese phrase for "lucky charm" means amulet or talisman. For this collection, I would like to represent an intimate relationship, where you give someone you care about, or even yourself, something you love as a token of good luck.

不知道從什麼時候開始,人們從土地、自然、動物中尋找他們象徵的意義,如代表綿長生命的桃子、情人的紅線、掛在牆上的一束稻草代表著新年的好運。Lucky Charm中文的意思是護身符或幸運物,它也代表著一種親密的關係,把一個你喜歡的東西送你最親近或是心愛的人,當然也可以是你自己。

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Made to Order

採訂單式手工製作。當我們收到消費者的訂單後,裁縫師將立即進行製作。剪布、打版、車縫、整燙、繡花、包裝,按服裝的工序複雜程度,約需等待15-20的工作天。服裝剪裁以包容更多不同⾝型的樣貌的unisex 風格為主,運用從世界各地搜集來的材料,我們希望能以不張揚的簡約風格結合恰到好處的設計巧思,成為你歷久彌新的生活伴侶。

We provide a made-to-order, handmade service for our products. Once our tailors receive orders, they immediately start the process of pattern making, fabric cutting, sewing, ironing, embroidering, packaging, which usually takes about 15 to 20 working days depending on the complexity of the designs. Our designs include a wide variety of styles that are all inclusive of all body types. Using materials that are sourced from all over the world, our unique unisex focused designs will never go out of fashion.

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