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The Whisper of the stone collection  #1   35 x 45 x 2 cm , 180 USD  Edition 1/8

The Whisper of the stone collection #2.  35 x 45 x 2 cm , 220USD  Edition 1/8

The Whisper of the stone collection #3.  35 x 45 x 2 cm , 260USD  Edition 1/8

The Whisper of the stone collection #4  50 x 62 x 3 cm , 200USD  Edition 1/8

The whisper of the stone

This group of soft sculptures incorporates quilting, screen printing, hand embroidery, and other techniques. Some of the works has strings of numbers on the pieces represent geographical coordinates. The records were sourced from the collection catalogue of the herbarium at the Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica, and refer to the locations where, in 1978, botanists found precious specimens of Phalaenopsis in Yeyou Village, on the way towards Hsiangai Mountain.

In 1879, the white Phalaenopsis was discovered and collected for the first time on the island. Its elegant and delicate appearance soon made it a favourite collectible among the rich and powerful in Taiwan. In 1947, it became an instant hit by winning an award at a Japanese flora expo. As a result, the Taiwanese government renamed the island Lanyu, meaning Orchid Island. Yet, with the overharvesting that was to take place in the following years, the indigenous species soon vanished from the island, leaving it with all but a name. 

The Whisper of Stones tells the story of how man's obsession with nature's beauty results in its disappearance. Covered in soft fabric, quietly murmuring tender softness, yet unable to erase the imprint of history. 

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